Our Vision for Ministry

"If you don't have a target, you will miss every time!"

Every church needs to know its purpose. At Oak Grove we believe there is ONE church in Whitley County but there are many franchises. Oak Grove is just one of the congregations making up the Body of Christ in Whitley County, Indiana. We fit a certain need.

             Helping people grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Our mission is to help people become disciples of Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship. This is why we exist. A disciple first acknowledges Jesus as Savior and then continues to follow Him.

                   Creating various environments in which people
                                      find Christ irresistible.

What do we want to look like while we are fulfilling our mission? In Whitley County there are different kinds of people, backgrounds, musical styles and types of dress. Expressions and invitations can be different but the message is always the same and that's okay!  Oak Grove will have many different ways of helping people become followers of Jesus Christ. Our methods will change but the message will always be the same.

            Pursuing depth with God, community with believers,
           and exercising influence with the spiritually uncertain.

How will we be functioning when our mission and vision are working?  People will be growing closer to God and each other.  They also will be influencing others who are not certain about God, Jesus, the Bible or the church.  As we gather in small groups for teaching and larger groups for worship we will change and our friends and family will want to know why.  This is influence.

Oak Grove Church Of God

2426 S Raber Rd

Columbia City, IN 46725