What we Believe.

We live in an age that has very few absolutes. While our methods change, our core beliefs never have and never will. In an ever-changing society, it is good to have an anchor. The following are our core beliefs:

  • That the one true God exists in three persons; Father (planner), Son (performer), and Holy Spirit (power giver).  He is our Creator and Redeemer.
  • The Bible is the Word of God and is God's inerrant and infallible message to humanity in both the Old and New Testaments
  • That Jesus Christ is God's eternal son and in his taking a human body is both fully God and fully human.
  • That Jesus died as the sinless sacrifice for sinful humanity.  His virgin birth assures humanity of an acceptable Savior.
  • That as a human being places his or her faith in Jesus Christ that their sins are forgiven, he/she receives eternal life.
  • In the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, he baptizes, fills, keeps, convicts, and leads believers to new spiritual heights.
  • That the local church is comprised of those who have repented and committed to Christ and the local body.  These believers are encouraged to be baptized, participate in the Lord's Table, follow the example of the washing of feet, and exercise their spiritual gifts within the Body.
  • In the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, His second coming, and the resurrection of believers at His second coming.

Oak Grove Church Of God

2426 S Raber Rd

Columbia City, IN 46725