Oak Grove Missions

Oak Grove Church of God is involved in missions of many types.

Local - Organizations such as The Center for Whitley County Youth, Bear Lake Camp and Youth For Christ are all local organizations supported by Oak Grove Church with personnel volunteers and monetary gifts.  In the past few years Oak Grove has reached out to those in need through benevolence and house repair.

Trips - Individuals from Oak Grove have been involved in mission trips to a variety of places for many purposes.  Haiti, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Middle East and Sweden have all been places where folks from Oak Grove have exercised their gifts in the past 4 years.

Co-Operative Programs - The Churches of God General Conference supports a co-operative missions program called "G".  This means that a part of a tithe the churches give to the regional and national organizations goes to cross-cultural outreach.  Mission and outreach is carried out in Brazil, Haiti, Venezuela, India, Bangledesh, Kenya, Sweden and Thailand.  Members serving with other groups are also supported. 

Other missions and world awareness include Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan's Purse and Compassion International.

Bear Lake Camp

For many years Bear Lake Camp has opened their doors to hundreds of campers each summer in hopes of building them up into a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. This summer is no exception!

Oak Grove is here to partner with families to help kids and youth get to camp. If you are interested in finding out more about Bear lake Camp, please check out their website here.

Camp can be costly so please don't let that turn you away from this possibility for growth in your young one. We can be of help by offering scholarships. Please click the logo to open a link to their official website.

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