Pre-Teen Ministry

Preteens are in a special stage in their lives! They are growing rapidly in more ways than one. At Oak Grove, we want to give them the attention they need to help them grow that spiritual formation that they are so curious about. Each Sunday this group meets in the church Youth area at 10:00a.m. where they can sit comfortably and get interactive with their teachers and the lesson. Right now Parents, we are doing a 13 week study that sends your growing child directly into "College"! That's right, we are doing a Bedroom Bible College study that is going to challenge your 4th 5th or 6th grader to look hard, read lots, memorize scripture, and more not only on Sunday but through the week too! We STRONGLY encourage them to come consistently for these 13 weeks and bring their Bibles and the study book (to and from home) each week! If they haven't received a study book, it's not too late.

Parent's we also encourage YOU to get involved with this. Set the example of discipline and what it looks like to be in The Word and in prayer daily. And always encourage them to make time each day to go thru the study in their book for each week. This is going to be challenging for them so pray for them and with them as they grow and go!

If you have any questions, call Kat and let's chat! I'm happy to talk with you!


Week 1 (April 3) - The Bible is the Greatest Book of All Time!

Week 2 (April 10) - The Bible is God's Love Letter to Us

Week 3 (April 17) - The Bible is A Library

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