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It's been said that the greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians.  In the Student Ministries at Oak Grove, that offends us!  Let us explain.

The goal of Uproot and other Oak Grove Student Ministries is to exemplify and demonstrate the hope that Jesus offers and make it real to anyone who comes in contact with us.  It's important to us that we not only think good, but that we also do good, and act good.  Jesus commanded us to "go and make disciples."  He made it pretty clear that we do that by following his commandments which are centered around two easy principles: Love God, Love others.  Nobody is perfect, but we believe that as we learn to love God and love others, we will be the students God wants us to be.

One of the key verses for our Student Ministries is Mark 1:8.  This little verse simply says, "Immediately they dropped their nets and followed him."  This may seem like a bit of an obscure thing to focus an entire program on but the point is Jesus said, "follow me."  Those simple words caused a couple of regular guys with normal lives to drop everything they were doing and follow Jesus.

At Uproot we hope that every 6th through 12th grade student will be compelled to accept Jesus' teachings and follow Him, just like the average guys who dropped their nets.  We meet every Wednesday at 6:30 pm to have fun, talk about real life stuff, and figure out what God's role in all of it is. Don't worry, Uproot is FAR from lame!


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